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Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

The first time I heard this expression it felt like a physical blow...a literal punch in the gut. I couldn't believe anyone would ever say those words and it hurt to hear them because I've been a teacher most of my life. For me, teaching is a rewarding collaborative experience where the back and forth exchange can turn student into teacher and vice versa. I am passionate about the power of education and know the exchange of ideas and perspectives to be a thrilling experience. So where did this expression originate? And why does it resonate as truth with some? Is there some truth to this?

The expression snuck up on me and started tumbling around in my head when I decided to launch my new online music business course. I hesitated a long time before moving forward and wasn't sure why. COVID is challenging us all to find new ways of running our business. The model I was using pre-pandemic, in-person workshops at my studio focused on educating and empowering artist/writer entrepreneurs in a hands-on environment felt more 'legit' to me. This new format of online music course felt uncomfortable at first...less legit and more snake-oil somehow and I wasn't sure why but then it hit me. I get links every week with invitations to the next best music business course promising to "grow my fan base", "make me a star", "become an influencer" and all from well meaning people who have had some success in music but quickly realize they will make more money selling the idea of success instead. Sometimes it seems selling access to the music business makes more money than the primary industry itself. And so there it hesitation...I didn't want to be seen as someone who teaches because she can't make a living doing the thing she teaches about.

But I am living it. And I can teach about it at the same time.

The music industry has a way of conveying a sense of great mystery...smoke and mirrors...after all that's what showbiz is about. And it makes the notion that if you just do this "one thing", use this one "magic key" very easy to sell.

So what's different about the course I am launching? My focus is this: there. is. no. mystery. The music business is a BUSINESS, period. And what most of the other courses skip over is the fundamentals of business. If you understand how business fundamentally works and you are willing to work hard, you can be successful at any business. Music is no different.

And why am I qualified to teach about that? Because I have started and grown multiple companies from the ground up successfully and sustainably. I am an example of someone living it who loves to teach about it.

I can. I do. And I teach. And I've had great teachers who helped me get here. So, no there is no truth to that expression - it should actually read "Those who can, teach" because they do...on purpose or simply by example.

If you or someone you know is looking for empowering education about the music industry here's more information about my new course. Looking forward to teaching about my two favourites things - business & music. T xo

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